Alight! Lemme give it to you straight, I am a filmmaker taking a stab at being self-sustaining and thus hocking some goods. That being said, any and all patience while I get a handle on this is appreciated! The following stuff is so yucky for me... but needs to be said, I guess...

To start, everything I'm selling is vintage and has been previously played with so they will have some degree of wear. I'll do my best to mention the major blemishes through pictures and/or description. All of the items are sold "as is", so if you want to ask any other questions before purchasing, hit me up!!!. 

Returns will totally be considered if you are not all of the happy. A refund will be applied to the account the original payment was issued from. Unfortunately, the returns will be at the expense of the purchaser. Lastly, shipping damage does not meet return criteria, as this would be between the purchaser and the shipping company.

Shipping is worked into the price and is thus free for American orders. Anything to Canada has an extra $3 (which breaks my heart because I'm Canadian) and anything outside of North America is an extra $7.

All of the Redbubble everything is through them, I just do the design.

Straight up, EWWWWW. So glad that is off my chest. HAPPY SHOPPING!