Episode 06 - Oran Allen

I saw the cook at camp and I felt I needed to know him... After speaking to Oran for a minute I knew I needed to shoot him... After our days together there is zero doubt, he is one of the craziest (in the best way) humans I've ever come across.

Episode 05 - Jessie McNally

Jessie is a hella good artist living full-time in her van, tattooing to pay the bills. Her co-pilot is a pooch by the name of Chico.

Episode 04 - Kelsea Esparza

Kelsea Esparza is kinda living my dream, selling vintage clothes out of a retro trailer in Sebastian, Florida. She and I chatted in Franny and bonded over our yearning for cold climate and our similarity in often being a one person band.

Episode 03 - Kate Tooth Wentworth

I met up with Kate at her cabin on the North Carolina coast. For three days she showed me the ropes of roughing it, including going hunting for roadkill... Yeah...

Episode 02 - Michael Farrington

In the hills of North Carolina, Michael Farrington, found me. I felt blessed to spend three days with a man who travels America to spread love and peace free of charge.

Episode 01 - Raj Panikkar

For the pilot episode, my longtime co-worker and friend, Raj Panikkar, took the reins of the show and interviewed me about my then upcoming journey. Tears ensue.