Episode 12 - Monica Woller


This here is a brave and funny cookie. I looked at Monica’s content on her Instagram page and I knew instantly that I wanted to work with her so I offered up the idea of making some scripted comedy. As I said, she’s brave, so she made it happen! We spent 2 weeks together making a web series and we recorded this little podcast too. Oh, and as I said, she’s really funny.

Instagram: @illbeoverthere


Episode 11 - Alice Pye


The similarities between Alice and I are unbelievable, hanging with her left me shaking my head about how amazing the road is. She’s brave, she’s crazy in the best way, and her truck is dope as all get out. Alice is her name. Betsy is her Truck.

Episode 10 - Raj - Vol. II


The first episode of my podcast featured an old friend interviewing me on the eve of setting sail. I am glad to say for the 10th episode, that format is back. Raj Panikkar and I met up in New Orleans and talked a lot of real talk. Thank you for your patience if you’re looking for any practical road life stuff. Gotta slow it down once in a while… see what’s going on in that there brain!

Episode 09 - Bree


Bree is new to van life. Like new new. Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity to have her on the podcast and give us the ins and outs of starting out. We chatted vans, cats and music in Nashville… what could be better?!

Episode 08 - Maurice the Landcruiser


Maurice took THE leap!!! They left their life in Quebec and hit the road towards adventure… and said adventure happened to start off with coming to visit me in Toronto! What a lucky guy! We talked solar power, photography and it just felt like we were out to dinner as I consider these folks family. Good luck on your journey, loved ones!!!



Episode 07 - Pat Doering


This episode is longer than the rest as it's with a man that I have a lot of history with. My high school friend, Pat, flew from Toronto to San Antonio to experience my crazy lifestlye. What a guy!



Episode 06 - Oran Allen

I saw the cook at camp and I felt I needed to know him... After speaking to Oran for a minute I knew I needed to shoot him... After our days together there is zero doubt, he is one of the craziest (in the best way) humans I've ever come across.



Episode 04 - Kelsea Esparza

Kelsea Esparza is kinda living my dream, selling vintage clothes out of a retro trailer in Sebastian, Florida. She and I chatted in Franny and bonded over our yearning for cold climate and our similarity in often being a one person band.



Episode 01 - Raj Panikkar

For the pilot episode, my longtime co-worker and friend, Raj Panikkar, took the reins of the show and interviewed me about my then upcoming journey. Tears ensue.